Starlight and the Ice Queen

One day Starlight woke as the sun passed her window on to her bed.She looked at her clock and saw it was 7:00.” 1 hour before magic school,” she said sleepily.She got up and took a bath.After that she ate breakfast.She checked the time and saw it was just 7:19.”More than half-an-hour before school.I’ll go for a walk,” she said.As soon as she wore her shoes she heard a knock on the door.She opened it and saw her 2 best friends: Lily and Zandela.Lily said, “ Coming with us for a walk before school?” Starlight nodded.As they walked and talked Starlight checked the time and said, “ 7:30, want to go into the woods?”

“Sure,” said Zandela.As they walked into the woods they talked and soon it was 7:45.The 3 best friends flyed back to magic school and saw her teacher waiting for them.”There you are,” he said,” come on it’s time for class.”Just as everyone took their seats BANG, the whole room began to shake.The door flung open and the Evil Ice Queen burst in laughing,” Haha I am going to freeze your school!”She burst an ice ball at the teacher and then at everyone else.Starlight was hiding and she saw her friends in trouble.The Ice Queen Went out of the room.Her teacher saw her and said, “ Go you must stop the Ice Queen!You can use my magic book.”

Lily grabbed the magic book and headed out of the school.She saw the Ice Queen near the police station.She searched the magic book and found the spell.She flies toward the Ice Queen and said,” Cold and Freezing you are,bring the city nice and warm.”The city did get out of the ice but the Ice Queen was still there!The Ice Queen turned around and said,” The only way to destroy me is by finding the good spell.Starlight flyed toward the potion school and saw the potion.She grabbed and flyed toward the Ice Queen.The Ice Queen did not see Starlight.Starlight poured the potion on the Queen and suddenly the Ice Queen turned into Mrs. Ruby her old teacher.All her classmates came running and just stared at the old magic teacher.She smiled and said thank you for turning me back to normal.Starlight nodded and her real teacher came and said.” class is over it is a good thing you passed the test.”Starlight said,” what test?””The test to see if you could go to the next level,” he replied.Starlight smiled and her friends hugged her.After a while they went home and everything was back to normal.That night Lily and Zandela came for a sleepover and it was a hit.